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who is john wallace?

meet the man behind the name…

The name John Wallace may not sound familiar to those in the winemaking industry. However, the man behind the name has been helping to produce some of the Hunter Valley’s best wines for the past 15 years; Scarborough Wines, Thomas Wines, Hunter’s Dream Estate, and Bimbadgen Estate, to name a few.
The man is Richard Done.
He is a well-known face of the Hunter Valley, a respected colleague in the local winemaking industry, partner to Beth, and Dad to Florence, Stella, and Tilly the labrador. He is an experienced and skilled winemaker with a Master’s degree in Wine Science and Viticulture. But why use an alias? Well, having spent a lifetime of correcting others mispronouncing his surname (think Ken Done, not Dunn, and definitely not Dunny!), Richard decided to honour his grandfathers, John and Wallace, when it came to naming his winemaking business.
The launch of John Wallace Wines allows Richard the opportunity to make his mark on the world of wines. He hopes to offer wine lovers a renewed romanticism, to make wine relevant and enjoyable again so it may resonate across generations.
Richard knows that the quality of his wines will speak for themselves - what really matters is the people you choose to have a drink with and the memories that will be created.

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